Shir Shavuot is a celebration of Jewish communities in Israel and around the world in dialogue.
From the comfort of each of our homes over the Shavuot holiday
we will enjoy vibrant conversations, explore texts and ideas
and listen to members of our own household considering the value of song.

Through the thousands of homes and communities joining together around the globe,
these synchronized conversations will magnify the voice of Torah
and honor the inter-connectivity of the Jewish people.

After Shavuot, we will meet online to continue our adventure together.

Let's Go!

  1. Use the link to print the conversation guide designed especially for you. (click here).
  2. Open it up and see what ideas jump out at you and use it to help spark a conversation in your home.
  3. Share ideas and thoughts raised in the guide together, listen to each other and enjoy the journey.
  4. After Shavuot, take your thoughts and ideas online to interact with and learn together with scholars, artists and Jews from around the world as we engage one another in a dynamic international study hall.
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We look forward to connecting

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Details for online workshops and learning will follow.
Chag Sameach
Ilana Fodiman -Silverman
Director of Moed